Sunday, September 21, 2008

Death & Time

Since we are already on a kick about time, I thought we could do a little speculating on death with the consideration of time.

I just watched "What Dreams May Come". For those of you who haven't seen it, it is about a man who dies.... sorry, did that spoil it for you?

I have been considering what happens when one dies and what is the experience like. Many people believe that in death time flows, but the opinions on HOW it flows are quite different. For instance, it is a popular belief that there is a sense of time in death, but that a human life is as a heart beat in the afterlife.

Another common opinion is that in death there is no time and therefore we will all arrive at it at the same "moment". Thus, with the Christian worldview in mind, those of us who are saved would all either a) die and be resurrected immediately from our point of view, or b) die and all be in heaven immediately from our point of view, depending on your opinion on what heaven is and the end times.

Personally, I am very unsure about this matter. Obviously this is a topic that has no effect on what actually happens, and what you believe about it is basically inconsequential. Regardless, I would like to hear other opinions on the matter.



Gregory said...

If there is no sense of time in death, wouldn't that mean that people in Hell would experience dying and then immediately being judged before Christ?

Hey, when I die, I'm going to Aslan's Country. That or up to the spirit in the sky. I haven't quite decided.

ryan said...

I speculate that the dead do experience time. The account of Moses and Elijah speaking with the Lord up on the "Mt. of Transfiguration" comes to mind. Surely Moses, dead and not yet resurrected, experienced time there. But Moses was also on the earth at the time; we don't know much of what it's like in paradise or hell, and Gregory made a good point. What is also interesting--Elijah never actually died, which raises all kinds of questions.

But I think it's safe to say that the dead do not experience time in the way we do. We are bound to the rhythm of sleep/wake, night/day, the four seasons and so forth. I'm not sure the dead experience time in this way. At least that goes for the intermediate state. In the eternal state, we know that while there will be no night, there will be months and seasons of some kind (Rev 21:25,22:2).

Black and White Ministries said...

eastern countries use time as a tool. in western countries, time is a tyrant.

but really, time can only be measured by how fast our brain processes information. if your brain processes information super fast, then everyone elses' actions will appear to be in slow motion to you.

when i was young i had a brain aneurysm that gave my brain an electrical jolt which increased the speed my brain processed information by thousands of times. and even though the aneurysm only lasted for a few seconds, to me it had been twelve years. when i woke up all i wanted to do was see my mother and eat a cheeseburger - since it had been twelve years since i had done either.

most of the time in those twelve years i was in seclusion but every once in a while i received visitations from angels and dead people who taught me a lot of things about life, things that i couldn't have learned on my own. they showed me who my wife was going to be (before i even met her) and they showed me how my kids were going to die (before they were even born). so i do think there will be time after death, but i also think we'll be able to transcend it to see the past or the future if we want to