Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seeking Forgiveness

When seeking forgiveness for ones sins, there are two persons who are generally to be sought out. In the past I have spent much time apologizing to the one who forgives sins, being God. More recently I have been confronted with the realization that many persons have been offended, slighted, and sinned against by myself and my actions. I am struck down and my pride is broken. With each apology, with each shameful remembrance of my sins against another, I am more free from my bonds and my past.
As I am considering these things, I must also consider how un-repentent sin, before God and before man, has kept me from blessings and growth in my life. How much have I missed, and how often have I held myself back because of my stubbornness and blindness to see my own sin.
These are quick thoughts, I ought to spend more time on them. But for now that is all.

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R.D. Thompson said...

Hm...you're definitely married I see!

Good thoughts. Short thoughts but good thoughts.

I have a new post on Pharaoh, I think you'll like it.