Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Quest for Humility and Knowledge

What is this humility?
So many consider it a debasing of self, a lashing and strangling of one's own qualities and knowledge lest one be puffed up with pride. But humility, true humility, the kind of humility that our savior displayed for our example by not considering equality with God a thing to be grasped, that kind of humility is what I seek. Christ never pretended to be something He was not, nor did he deny his gifts and knowledge, rather, He chose to count others more important than Himself, and used His strengths for the sake of others.
A man much wiser than myself once told me that humility is knowing your place in Christ and in Christ's kingdom and acting accordingly. If I am to be a preacher and shepherd to the flock of Christ, I should not deny that I am gifted as such, this would not be pleasing or honoring to the God who gifted me as such. Instead, I ought to praise the God of the universe and my salvation for these abilities and use them for His glory.
So then, I have my working definition and understanding of humility. With that in mind how might I seek knowledge, which puffs up the prideful flesh of man, and stay true to this God honoring trait.

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Gregory said...

Knowing and playing to one's strengths does not show a lack of humility. It shows a knowledge of ourselves in light of how God has made and blessed us.

Now, considering your gifts as superior to those of others. That is a lack of humility.